Monday, March 30, 2009

The Art of Schmoozing and BSing

Joanne links to a story about an actor who presented himself as an expert in "the application of mathematics to human behavior." He gave a talk to a group of people including professional educators; problem was, his talk was a bunch of neat-sounding hot air augmented by a warm and engaging style. Joanne concludes:

Students learn more from high-content lectures, researchers concluded, but give the same high ratings to “expressive” Fox-style lectures with no content as they do to “expressive” lectures with content.

As I read that a singular thought occurred to me: this is how President Obama got elected.


rightwingprof said...

Alan Sokal, call your office!

DADvocate said...

You are soooo right! It's all about how he makes you feel. Soon they'll be feeling poor, broke and oppressed.