Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Fight Club School In Texas?

And this one involved mentally disabled kids!

Nine employees are under investigation over allegations of new fights among mentally disabled residents of the troubled Corpus Christi State School, a state lawmaker said Saturday night.

State Rep. Abel Herrero said the workers are on leave while officials look into complaints that the staff members did nothing to intervene in the fights involving residents Wednesday and Thursday.

The new allegations follow six staffers being charged earlier this month with injury to a disabled person over separate fights allegedly organized for the staff's entertainment. Videos of those fights were found on a cell phone.

If the allegations are true--and video leads me to believe they very likely are--are these people sick, stupid, or both?

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Ellen K said...

Both. Also poorly underpaid which is why the level of education and experience is abysmal in the staff. This is nothing new, sadly, there have been programs both public and private across the nation where the staff is abusive and ignorant. Just one more reason why parents need to pay attention to what is going on.