Sunday, September 07, 2008

Bilingual Education

Joanne has an interesting post on the topic here.

I discussed bilingual education before, here:
Introductory post
First story
Second: The Teacher/Students
Third: Progressive Education
Fourth: Horrible Is Great
Fifth: Not Politically Correct
Sixth: The Final Class Begins
Those posts come from my experiences at Sac State getting my Cross-cultural, Language, and Academic Development certification. (No, I don't fully understand the the title, either.)

An interesting development is that I currently have as a student a relative of the professor in story #5 above.

And here's a little information on research into bilingual education.


orteacher said...

I sit with bated breath after reading your links-what happened with the class you were 'called to the office?'

Darren said...

There's lots to say, but since I have a student who's a relative of that instructor, let's go no further than saying I got an A in the class.

Ellen K said...

I went through the classes for certification, but I balk at taking the test. Not because I can't pass it, but because knowing the way school operate, I would be taken away from the subject I love and forced to teach ESL classes. This is simply not the way I want to end my career.