Monday, August 27, 2007

The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

A good man (yes, I know who it is!) once used that phrase in a speech, and it's a powerful phrase that I haven't forgotten. It says so much in so few words (a very bright man I once knew would describe that as "pithy").

If someday someone were to look that phrase up in a dictionary, this is the blog post that would serve as the description.

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Ellen K said...

I predict we will see a lowering of standards in math and science classes due to the misguided requirement that makes every student take four years of math and science. This was a program created by people who don't understand kids or education and whose leader was an engineer-a guy who presumably LIKES math and science and enjoys it. What are these people going to say when we have kids fail Algebra II or Physics over and over again? You cannot program kids like machines. It doesn't work. Please get the businessmen and engineers out of education and start returning to age appropriate methods and senseable standards.