Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Lines Have Started Already

Lefties here in this country tout the "free" health care programs of Canada and the United Kingdom but always conveniently forget to mention the long waits. Of course, an American universal health care plan would avoid lines and waits, it just would.

Or would it?


Mrs. Bluebird said...

That's the reason why anytime I'm talking with someone and they express the desire for government health care, I ask them how they like the wait at the department of motor vehicles.

"Oh, it's the worst! The lines are awful," they'll exclaim.

"That's government at work. That's what health care will look like."

"Oh. That would be awful."


ricki said...

Not to mention that if the government controls health care, the government can also RATION health care.

There are (perhaps apocryphal, but I've heard them often enough to think something's up) stories of older folks in Europe not getting treatment - presumably because they won't "add to the tax base."

Also, for a taste of what government-run healthcare would be like, just go to any city ER on a busy night. You know, where you might wait 8 hours to be seen, unless you're bleeding all over the floor. (My brother broke a collarbone in a bike accident and had the misfortune to go to a busy, understaffed ER. They basically sent him away with some codeine.)