Monday, August 20, 2007

It's Not My Fault, I Have A Virus.

This explains why I'm packing on the pound-skis lately. It actually has nothing to do with all the snacks I've been eating.


Eric W. said...

Oh, god. Now everyone definitely won't stop calling it an epidemic. I mean, seriously, people, it's not Polio.

Darren said...

And since we don't want a pandemic on our hands, government will really be trodding on your freedoms when socialized medicine becomes a way of life here in the US.

allen said...

Actually, there's some pretty good evidence that a number of so-called "lifestyle" conditions are caused by micro-organisms.

In recent history the iconic "lifestyle" condition, ulcers, was proven to be caused, in the main, by helicobacter pylori. There's evidence that schizophrenia has a microbial involvement as well as heart disease.

A virus that makes you fat? Why not?

Erica said...

Well, it's not quite as weird as the parasite that makes you like cats.