Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Contact With People Whose Views You Find Offensive

Read this short piece.

No, seriously, go read it. Focus on the closing question.

Have you read it yet?


Now ask yourself, would the lefties agree that Darren shouldn't have to have contact with unions?

No, I didn't think so, either.


Tony said...

Refusing to do one's job because someone expresses an opposing view from yours is childish and idiotic. As far as contact with those opposing viewpoints, well, aren't those the ones we learn from? How do you test your beliefs when everyone agrees with you? I read this blog every day. Sometimes I agree, more often I am furious, but I ALWAYS get a chance to consider some viewpoint that I might not have otherwise encountered.

Queen of Dysfunction said...


If, for example, a business owner didn't want to deal with labor union officials, I would go straight to his place of business and submit a resume. After having worked for several years as a union member I would embrace the opportunity to have a union-free experience.

Darren said...

And, Tony, you always comment with in a rational and civil manner. I welcome that here.

Queen, as long as I teach in California, I'll be surrounded by unions.

Erica said...

I wonder what would happen on that campus if a store clerk refused to serve someone wearing a gay pride t-shirt, or a Palestine support shirt.

Which is what usually makes me think: "no one should have to have contact with people whose views they find hurtful" my grandma's knitted knickers. What they really mean is "no one should have to have contact with RIGHT WINGERS."

Darren said...

And Erica wins today's "Duh!" Award for stating what was unsaid but patently obvious.

I have a t-shirt that has a big 70's-style yellow smiley face on it and the words, "Imagine No Liberals". I doubt that girl would ring up my total, either.

I can't believe anyone would support her. "I don't ring up blacks." See how far that goes.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Hey, can I avoid people who offend me? Because parent/teacher conferences would be reallllly short.

Darren said...

What about class sizes? :-)

Erica said...

What can I say, I'm good with the obvious.

Walter E. Wallis said...

I would have said "Thanks for the lunch" and sat down to eat.