Saturday, May 26, 2007

Still Waiting For An Apology At Duke University

There are many people owed apologies from that horrible travesty of justice, and the Duke Conservative Union, which for some reason took heat for the lacrosse team, speaks out with a full page newspaper ad a la the Group of 88. Here's from the linked commentary:

The advertisement is a response to the original ‘Group of 88’ advertisement which, along with other narrow minded and prejudicial pap, was plastered all ‘round Raleigh in an effort to condemn the lacrosse players using the popular academic cant of “social justice,” “privilege,” “community,” and so on. All of this occurred before the trial even started. The 88 radical professors were engaging in something they claimed to detest: prejudice.

Oh look, there's social justice again, one of my favorite topics.

There is nothing distinctly liberal about accusing an entire class of students of being racist would-be rapists. In fact, to do that is entirely reactionary, and indicative of the use of unthinking heuristic ideology that academics purport to detest. But because students with well meaning liberal sympathies so often allow progressivism to be radically redefined by their professors, it tends to fall to campus conservatives to parry outrages like that perpetrated by the Group of 88.

Good on the Duke Conservative Union.

I agree. Good on them.


Lee said...

The accusation was not supported by the evidence and the prosecutor, for political reasons, lied about the evidence. He will pay, at least politically and perhaps by sanctions from the bar.

I've not heard any reporting of an intentionally false accusation or a motive for same. More a stripper with some real mental health issues. Maybe when the stripper's book deal is announced I will feel a little sorry for the Duke players.

But do we really need to put the Duke lacrosse team on a pedestal? Seems like they were pretty poor representatives of a supposedly high class university. And these weren't just any students. They represented the school in an NCAA sport.

Live in the south and you'll find more than a few racists, and just as many overblown accusations of racisim. Both are commonplace.

Darren said...

Wow, Lee, in your rush to ensure that the lacrosse players are still guilty of something, you missed the point that this post was about the Duke Conservative Union.

But since you bring up the players: there's no evidence they did what they were accused of. And I'm sure that in your eyes, they're bad people because of their relative wealth and skin color; they may be bad people, but they're not guilty of this heinous crime. When you find something of which they're (criminally) guilty, I'll support you as you seek to have them tried and convicted. Until then, let's not find any reason to hate these guys besides the fact that they had the misfortune to deal with a couple crooks and liars (including an elected official). Let's act like Americans and be thankful that the wheels of justice didn't roll over those men.

rightwingprof said...

You'll find no more racists in the south than in the north.

Darren said...

Oh come now, RightWingProf. You're missing Lee's point, which is that because the lacrosse players are white, wealthy, and athletic, they're obviously guilty of something.