Sunday, May 20, 2007

Liberal Paradoxes

I often point out to libs how silly some of their ideas are, such as: "If the President knew in advance about the 9/11 attacks, then wasn't his '7 minutes of deer-in-the-headlights looks' that Michael Moore-on played up so much really just an Academy Award-winning performance?"

There are more here.

Update: and for a brilliant--and I do mean brilliant--piece on how today's liberalism isn't really liberal at all, click here and scroll down to Worthwhile Reading.


Tony said...

The conspiracy theorists really ought to be placed in their own category of crazy. Anyone who is so credulous as to believe that it would be possible for anyone, not just Bush, but anyone to pull off a conspiracy as large as 9/11 is thoroughly and completely off their rocker. Calling a liberal a "nutjob" is an opinion; but for a liberal conspiracy theorist, it's a clinical diagnosis.

allen said...

I know crazy and trust me, proponents of conspiracy theory, right or left, aren't crazy. At least not because they're conspiracy theorists. You'll have to look for a better explanation.

Ellen K said...

Conspiracy is the results of not liking the facts and the solution given to you. The Twin Towers fall after being hit by a plane taken over by terrorists and somehow there are those nutjobs who still like to think there is a vast conspiracy on the order of "The DaVinci Code Goes Nuclear". These are the same folks that think all family tragedies can be wrapped up in a thirty minute sitcom. And that like "Ugly Betty".