Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Do Women *Really* Make Only 77 Cents For Every Dollar A Man Makes?

I've addressed this before, but even my amazingly cogent analysis pales before this one:

First, the belief that employers get away with paying women 77 percent of what men make can only be explained by a lack of understanding of basic economic principles. If it were true, money-grubbing employers would hire only women, since it would lower costs and increase profits. We know that doesn’t happen, so feminists have invented a preposterous explanation: male businessmen care so much about keeping women “in their place” that they’re willing to lose money by hiring men. Is it just me, or do people like Donald Trump seem slightly more concerned with getting rich than maintaining patriarchy? Already, the pay gap theory has serious flaws.

I like the way she thinks. And of course, there's plenty more at the link above.

Hat tip to Right Wing Nation (see blogroll at left).

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Anonymous said...

I still don't understand where people come up with the idea that women only make 77cents on a man's dollar. i've also heard only 88cents? how does this work?