Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Carnival of Education

This week's is back home at the EducationWonks--and my submission is near the top!


Law and Order Teacher said...

Congratulations. Big time stuff. I hate when people try to cram stuff down my throat. Unions, historically speaking were a good thing. They are now nothing more than political action committees. You know this as well as anyone. I wish I could opt out, but alas that can't happen. I will continue to make a pain in the ass of myself as long as they force me to be a member.

Darren said...

Legally, you *can* opt out. They may offer you many hoops to jump through (I have a few here in California), but the US Supreme Court says that you can't be forced to be a member *or* to pay more in dues than what the union spends on collective bargaining.

The National Right To Work organization can offer you more information if you'd really like to resign your membership.