Friday, May 04, 2007

Best Sci-Fi Of The Last 25 Years

This is complete and total crap. Galaxy Quest belongs much higher than #24--and certainly higher than the cartoon Star Wars: Clone Wars.

Battlestar Galactica came in at a respectable #2, but--well, I won't tell you what #1 is, but BSG is better!


Kim said...

No Babylon 5 or Farscape either!

KauaiMark said...

I'm glad to see "Brazil" even listed and suprised to see it at #6.

I was working at a company where we were forced to share desks to save space/$$! And it WAS a govt related job.

(If you didn't see the movie, you won't get the reference...)

Sandy said...

The list has no credibility with me whatsoever... they listed Starship Troopers and not Stargate SG-1?? Puh-leeze!

MikeAT said...

Your being generous calling it “complete and total crap”. I personally though Terminator and T2 rated much better than 13....definitely better than Lost, the X Files and dare I say it, ET.

Tony said...

Doesn't science fiction have to have at least a vague tipping of the hat to science? Where's the science in "Lost?" It exists in a world that has fewer logical rules than quantum mechanics. At least in the "X-Files," Scully would be allowed to pose a rational explanation before Mulder launched off on his pseudo-scientific babbling.