Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Using Gallaudet As A Guide

In a post related to this one, today we learn from NewsAlert and the Chicago Sun-Times that black students at the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis are threatening their university administration:

INDIANAPOLIS -- Black students at IUPUI have issued a new deadline for the university administration to answer requests for a campus center for them, an African-American studies program and $78,000 for black organizations.

Black student leaders said at a town hall forum they want an answer from the university by 5 p.m. Wednesday or they will call for the resignation of certain officials at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

Black students previously threatened to sue the school if officials did not meet the demands made earlier this month. The university pledged to improve communication and respect and increase funding for the student groups, but black student leaders rejected the response, calling it too vague.

Black students did not comment on previous threats to sue the university.

'It is unclear as to why the administration didn't adequately comply with the demands,'' said Jocellyn Ford, 21, one of three student panelists. ''IUPUI administrators, you did not listen, and this is your official public wake-up call.''

As I said in my most recent Gallaudet post: When you reinfoce behavior, you get more of it. Even if it's bad behavior. Steve at NewsAlert had a fairly interesting point as well.


Anonymous said...

wth is iupui or something?

Sean Conner said...

Methinks that Jocellyn Ford might need to be taken to the Ministry of Re-Education and taught about “Separate but Equal.”

Or better yet, find Black alumni from the Civil Rights era and float the idea of an African-American center to them.

rightwingprof said...

IUPUI = Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. It's a joint campus between IU and PU. Pronounced: oo-ey-poo-ey, just in case you wondered.