Thursday, November 02, 2006

Talk About Media Bias!

From Reuters, via Yahoo News:

A leaked video of the lavish wedding laid on by Myanmar junta supremo Than Shwe for his daughter has sparked outrage among ordinary people in the military-ruled and deeply impoverished nation.
(boldface mine--Darren)

Is that the official term in Myanmar? I didn't know they spoke Spanish there.

There are more examples in the story. Go take a look--tell me if you find "objective journalism" there.

Update, 11/5/06: Here's some more information about media bias.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Miller,

I enjoy your math class!

Darren said...

Thanks, I'm glad you do. Honestly.

Foobarista said...

Nah - I think the official name is "tinpot dictator". For more formal settings, "tinhorn dictator" works.

The military rulers of Burma/Myanmar are emphatically not nice people, but it is odd that the big boss isn't simply called something like "supreme leader" or whatever like they use for Kim Jong-il.

rightwingprof said...

Heap Big Kahuna.