Sunday, November 12, 2006

Strange Comments I Get To Deal With

Here's a comment I received just today for this post, which was written over a year ago:

What about the baby killers here at home in the US? Abortion!!!

Darwood needs to put on a US Military uniform and put himself in direct contact with the enemy. Babies are not being killed in war just to be killed. But through Abortion, they are.
There will be death in War, no matter how you look at it.
I think this is just a simple cop-out for Dangwood, an insecure individual who has no concept of those who are sacrificing everything for his freedom of speech.
Maybe Darwyn should try living in another country where he can't run his mouth so freely.
God Bless the United States and Our American Heros where ever they may be.
Say Dorwood, a Fallen US Soldier has given his life for you, yes you, once a baby who has a terrible and negative outlook on what is actual. Grow Up!
Jealousy will get you no where.
If you want attention, get on stage....the last one left 15 minutes ago.

What kind of individual wrote this? Certainly not one who exists on a rational plane.

I'd almost be willing to bet that my anonymous troll wrote this--it's about his caliber.


Anonymous said...

No, darren, I love abortion, remember?

Kept me from paying child support!


Darren said...

And yet *another* strange comment I get to put up with.

rightwingprof said...

Gee. And I thought it was a strange comment when one of my liberal readers commented, "I thought you guys liked McCain."

There are people off their meds all over the political spectrum.

Anonymous said...

Off our meds?

It's cause we don't have free health care!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with abortion.

Anonymous said...

I believe the mysterious commenter was at one time a fan of the t.v. show, "Bewitched."

Anonymous said...

Same, only with a different anonymous.

Anonymous said...

For those of you righties that are against abortion, how about we stop killing our soldiers daily in Iraq?

Darren said...

*We* aren't killing our soldiers. *sigh*

Nigel said...

...well. I could argue that, but I'd only be arguing it for the sake of argumentation.

Woman's right to choose=good.

Get it right. NO ONE wants to have an abortion. EVERYONE wants to be able to choose what they can do with their bodies—right?

Anonymous said...

Was it not us who sent them there?

Anonymous said...

Do you have to post all comments? I know you refuse to post comments if they purely attack without any logic. However, some of your anonymous posters, maybe your "troll", post all sorts of comments that are off topic and sometimes ridiculous. Can't you just dump them in the trash?

Darren said...

I *could* dump such comments in the trash without ever posting them, but I choose not to. In fact, I refuse to post very few comments, and even those get some warning in advance.

I'd like RotLC to be a place where people can disagree, yet insist that they disagree with at least a modicum of decorum. Intelligence is even better!

Anonymous said...

That's truly admirable.


Darren said...

Obviously not every comment measures up.