Thursday, November 23, 2006

Scholarship For Whites Only

To me, this is as valid a form of protest as is an affirmative action bake sale. Personally, I think it's pretty funny.

And the executive director of the Massachusetts Republican Party is a puss.

Update: John at Discriminations (see blogroll at left) has an interesting post on the topic.

Update #2, 11/24/06: EdTrust, via Joanne (see blogroll at left), reports that flagship universities are directing more financial aid to higher-income students and less to low- and middle-income students. I'm all for giving financial assistance to those who need it, regardless of their skin color.


Scott McCall said...

it does prove a point though...

it basiclaly is telling minorities that they need special help to get teh same place, which they shouldnt.

scholarships should not be for "blacks only" or "hispanics only", but instead be for those who have minimum 2.0 GPA, and needs financial assistance. PLUS an essay explaining the need of assistance. race should not be a matter....hell, it shouldnt even be on the applications

Darren said...

Scott, you just say that because you're a white racist oppressor.

Scott McCall said...


just not racist.

i just dont think that on the applications (financial aid and/or college apps) they should have the applicant fill out what race they are. Because then it elliminates the chance of racism occuring.

but even then...sometimes the individual's name can give it away.