Monday, November 13, 2006

NEA Donates Teachers' Money To Dead Wacko

From the November 13th Education Intelligence Agency (see blogroll at left) Communique:

Your NEA PAC Dollars at Work: Lucian Wojciechowski for President. While researching the above story, EIA discovered a strange entry in the disclosure report of NEA's Fund for Children and Public Education, the union's political action committee. It appears NEA contributed to a U.S. Presidential candidate in the 2006 election cycle. If the contribution was odd, its recipient was even more so.

NEA donated $5,000 to Lucian Wojciechowski's presidential campaign. Who the heck is Lucian Wojciechowski, you ask? Good question, because it took a lot of digging to turn up this little bit.

Evidently, Wojciechowski was a fringe candidate in the 2004 U.S. Presidential campaign. He ran as a Democrat, along with other notables, such as Lyndon LaRouche and Vermin Supreme. According to the American RealPolitik web site, Wojciechowski finished last in the DC primary, picking up 38 votes. RealPolitik reported:

"A phone call to Wojciechowski did not yield abundant information about his political views, though he did forcefully advocate the construction of 40-story buildings, each many miles long, to run up the California coastline from San Diego to Los Angeles.

"He also mentioned a recent skirmish with the court system.

"'I couldn't leave Imperial County for a while because two women accused me of doing something I didn't do, and I had to go to court, and I missed the debates. We're going to sue them for a billion dollars,' he said.

"The accusation?

"'Lewd conduct.'"

Wojciechowski also made a short appearance in the January 14, 2004 issue of The Hotline, which highlighted his candidate statement in the DC Voters Guide. Wojciechowski stated his main objective was "to replace Alan Greenspan in the Treasure Dept., return the monies to investors in T notes, bonds, & bills, or certificates at banks and money markets at investment brokers that is due to them." He also mentions the lewd conduct charges, adding that he was convicted.

A further examination of NEA's disclosure reports indicates the union's PAC made the $5,000 contribution on June 21, 2005, via the California Democratic National Committee. There were only a handful of other contributors.

If all of this isn't oddball enough, it appears this same Lucian Wojciechowski was shot to death while sitting in a parked car in Palm Springs at 3:21 a.m. on March 16, 2005 – three months before NEA's presidential campaign contribution.

EIA can only assume there is a bizarre clerical error behind this whole thing, but the long journey of a PAC contribution from the checkbooks of teachers to the committee of a dead fringe presidential candidate is worth asking about.

You gotta love a story like that. Anyone think the NEA will explain itself?

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