Thursday, November 02, 2006

Interesting View On Discriminatory Admissions at Towson University

From John at Discriminiations (see blogroll at left):

Before making fun of this, perhaps it should be said that the Towson standard — discrimination is fine but “blatant” discrimination isn’t — is pretty much identical with the standard Justice O’Connor applied in Grutter...

Since Towson’s intent seems to be to come up with some admissions gimmick that will admit more males, this does at least appear to be sex discrimination, whether “blatant” or not I’ll leave to others to decide.

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rory said...

I posted about this a few days ago.

My take... It seems to me to be no different then the dozens of universities that don't use the SAT or ACT for admission purposes. In fact the policy might be a little fairer, since test scores are test scores, while GPA varies from school district to school district and other curricular activities are very subjective.

A bit weird to think that white males could benefit from an affirmative action plan.

Disclaimer: I would of benefited from this policy when I graduated HS.