Wednesday, July 05, 2006

NEA Shows Hypocrisy (Again)

From EIA (see blogroll at left), as usual:

Legislative Amendment 6 was approved. It puts NEA in opposition to the use of voter ID. A delegate was kind enough to point out to me that NEA secret ballot elections, such as the ones that took place yesterday and today, require the delegates to produce photo ID before they can vote. Fraud in a vote for a one-year seat on the NEA Board of Directors is apparently more worrisome than fraud in a vote for President of the United States.
Why would any organization, left or right, be against this requirement, unless they expect to get some fraudulent votes going their way?

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EllenK said...

When you consider that citizens who happen to teach in Dallas are being moved out of long term positions and replaced by teachers here from Hispanic nations on work visas with the clear support of the more radical local teachers' organizations, I think it clearly shows exactly what the NEA wants. They have stated before that they want parents of children enrolled permitted to vote regardless of the legality of their status. I am sure, thinking it will lock a Democrat mid-term victory, that that is their goal in a nutshell.