Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Yet Bill Keeps On A-Comin'

I give Bill Gates credit for wanting to do good. I also give him credit for for putting his money where his mouth is, kicking in millions (as much as a billion) to schools. Where I don't give him credit, where he screwed up, is in taking up the banner of some bogus ed school theory and holding his money out like a carrot to schools/districts who would test out this theory on students.

And the idea hasn't worked. I hope no harm was done to these children while they satisfied Gates' ego.


Garble said...

I'm not qualified to judge the programs efficacy. But it’s his money. The school can turn it down. If I had lots of money to give away and thought a specific course of action was better than any other I'd definitely want the money to go towards it. Wouldn’t you?

Darren said...

Yes. I'd also expect to be held to account when the program didn't work.

And yes, schools can turn down the money. But they won't. Gosh darn it, we can get tons of money from BILL GATES! And we can experiment on these kids and see if it works! And if it doesn't, well, we still got tons of money from BILL GATES!

Darren said...

Gates can also spend his money in this manner:

He shouldn't be free from criticism for this action, either.