Thursday, April 20, 2006

Teachers Don't Like NCLB

Of course teachers might not like NCLB. It puts what we do to the test, makes us prove we're doing what we say we're doing.

Imagine that.


David said...

Teachers think NCLB is tough? They should try working at Nucor Steel...there was just an article about this company in one of the biz magazines. Workers are on a comp plan in which most of their income is from bonuses, which work like this:

1)Pour a good-quality heat of steel, and the team gets the bonus
2)Pour a heat with problems, and detect the problems: no bonus
3)Pour a heat of steel with problems, and fail to detect the problems: 3X the bonus is *subtracted*.

And I bet the typical Nucor worker is happier in his job than the typical teacher in the public schools.

Darren said...

David, that's a STUPID idea! Don't you know that all teachers are high-quality, hard-working individuals with good hearts??? I mean, none of us is any better than the rest, and none is any worse.

There's absolutely no reason to have any bonus for teachers, or sanctions. We're all the same, interchangeable.

Just ask the teachers unions, they'll tell you so.

History Dude aka Mr. D said...

Since I am only in my 2nd year of teaching, this NCLB thing has got me flumoxed and I am not sure what to think about it. As far as I can tell, it has good some good points and some bad points. It just depends who you are listening to at the time. I know the teacher's Unions hate it (good); but then again, Ted Kennedy wrote the bill (bad).

Darren said...

Mr. D, I've written about NCLB several times. I'm sure you hear all the bad things from your union and peers; if you want to read some cheerleading, type "NCLB" and/or "no child left behind" into the search engine at the top of my blog.

2nd year teacher? It's so much easier than last year, isn't it?!!!

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