Friday, April 28, 2006

Summer Jobs

I don't believe in working over the summer. I may be poor, but I have my dignity! Actually, part of the reason I became a teacher was to have plenty of time to spend with my son, and summer is one of those big chunks of time that makes the only-moderate pay seem worth it.

But this post about summer jobs--specifically the ice factory details--had me laughing out loud. That's LOL to you text messagers. Anyway, go read it if you need a good laugh.


rightwingprof said...

Hmmm. Indiana allows primary and secondary teachers to opt for a 12-month payment plan, whether they teach in the summer or not.

Er, I should say Indiana used to. As far as I know, Indiana still does, but I could be wrong here.

Darren said...

I *could* get my pay over 12 months, but then all I'm really doing is giving the school district a loan of two months' pay--which they'll give me *after* I've worked for it.

No, I'll take the money over 10 months and see how far I can stretch the checkbook between mid-June and the end of September!