Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Student Government Election

We held an interesting student government election at my school today. I'm pleased with the result.

A former student of mine, one who would probably wear the title "geek" proudly, one who had no chance of winning the election, won. And boy, are the "regular" student government denizens pissed!

"He doesn't know how hard it is." "He doesn't know how to get things done." "We've done this for three years, who does he think he is?" Of those comments and others I've heard, I'm sure it's the last one that they're really feeling.

The first election was held before Spring Break. That's right, the first election. However, the votes weren't counted because 14 classes (including mine) didn't get the opportunity to vote. A new election was scheduled for today, and the students running the election did a good job this time.

When the results were announced at the end of the school day, my class (which had a few members of the new President's "campaign staff") erupted in cheers. I was one of the cheering throng.

It's not just that I'm glad the underdog, the outsider, won. He beat an opposition that saw that student government position as their earned right. He ran a campaign, his opposition really didn't--probably assuming that they'd just win because they were supposed to. He worked; they counted on name recognition, popularity, and arrogance.

I saw the winner after school, surrounded by students not on the A-list. He was happy, subdued, a gracious winner. Those around him were ecstatic.

The little guy won today. He may even be ready for the responsibility he's worked so hard to win. I hope he does well.


rightwingprof said...

Have you seen Election, with Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick?

Darren said...

I saw Election. It was a horrible movie. It was like a John Candy movie--I kept waiting for a funny part which seemed like it would occur within the next couple of lines of dialog, but it never did.

Polski3 said...

How COOL ! Tell him I wish him luck and I hope he listens to good, competent advice. And it serves the "entitlement" crowd right for underestimating their opponent.

40 said...

Good story. Gives me hope.

Archaic Dome said...

Election was terrible. Geeks unite! Hooray for the smart, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to be popular!

Hillary For President said...

fact is, nice when little guys win instead of usual fat cats always take home prize. Typical neocon startegey is to let fat-cats win and keep mouth shout.

in 2008, i thing we should all support a little gal for president. never been a lady presidnet before, some say cant happen.

i blog extastnivey on this topic at:

Congratz on your election. It is good to see kids being more than populatiry when they vote.

Darren said...

Hillary is the little girl? Hell, she's the consummate insider.

I'm for Condi Rice or Elizabeth Dole.

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

Looking back through history a little shake up now and then is good thing but Hillary....she's a little scary. I think Dole's time is gone but wow, what a dynamite woman. Condi's a little too reserved but man she's sharp. I would love to see a debate between Hillary and Condi. Anyway....congrats to your winner. I hope he/she continues to get support.

Scott McCall said...

his slogans that he used in his campaign buged the hell out of me. they had nothing to do with what he was going to do once he won. how does "got milk" have anything to do with what good he can bring to the jr class? but...he did win fairly, and i give him credit for that. i hope he does well

Daniel Q Blog said...

Great post.
I did have an observation recently about school elections (having not too anciently graduated high school). In high school, whenever a person trying to run on a cool or different platform; they lose. The majority of victors are usally the most boring candidate who just gave out candy or appeared nice. I find this very sad because the supposedly most hip audience (teens) still vote for insider popular people who seem the least threatening.

You'd imagine a high school would be ripe for reformers wanting to shake things up...not the case.

Just wanted to mention that above thought...

Yet, a 'geek' winning is awesome... may his term be a good one.

Darren said...

He ran a great campaign--which included handing out Airheads and Pixie Stix!