Thursday, April 06, 2006

More Filth From the Rethinking Schools People

I've written about them before, here and here.

Now go read their latest, in their own words. Can you say, anti-American? I knew you could!


Anonymous said...

Darren -- As a mother of a 16 year old I am not having fun or patience with the recruiting pieces he is receiving from the various branches of the service. I have nothing wrong with kids volunteering to serve in the military. However, I do not believe they should be allowed to get the information on the students through the schools -- public and PRIVATE! The kids have to register at age 18. Why should they be allowed to be recruited at age 16?

This does not make me anti-American or anti-military. It makes me a parent wanting to keep her child from getting junk mail for something they are not interested in. No, you cannot opt out officially or unofficially the military has your information in one of the data bases.

Yes, the public high schools have jrotc and receives money from someone (military I imagine) for these classes. Again, kids can join them if they want. I am just opposed to 16 and 17 year olds receiving recruiting pieces in the mail (more junk mail) they did not request. Seems like a waste of tax payer dollars to me.

Just one mom's opinion --


Darren said...

Would your reaction be as visceral if he were receiving unsolicited mail from the US Forest Service, the State Department, the Coast Guard, or any other component of the US Government?

Would you be as angry if he received, unsoliticited, 2 yard-high stacks of brochures and catalogs from colleges and universities from across the country (like I did)?

It's called recruiting for a reason. Lots of people do it. To heap your disdain specifically on the military--I don't often read between the lines, but I can here.

Thanks for being civil in your comment.

Darren said...

Oh, the Rethinking Schools people *are* anti-military. They say so in the introductory paragraphs of their web site. To me, that's un-American by definition.

Refer to my post about sheepdogs and sheep. They're sheep, pretending that there aren't wolves around. The only reason they can bleat all day is because there are sheepdogs on the perimeter of the flock, keeping the wolves at bay.

rightwingprof said...

If they don't want to receive a cent of Federal funds, I guess they can ban the military. The Solomon Amendment, you know.

Personally, not only do I believe in school choice, but I feel with the state of the country and what liberalism has done to the nation that any parents who send their kids to military school should get a full refund on their property taxes.

Anonymous said...

Darren -- I did not mean to come across as angry. Frustrated is more like it. I don't like receiving any unsoliciated mail, pop-ups, etc. The military recruiting material was my last straw.

Get to feeling better soon.

Elizabeth (I was the anonymous poster)

Darren said...

Elizabeth, here's something I wrote on the topic last summer: