Monday, April 10, 2006

CTA *Finally* Endorses A Republican--Big Deal

According to the major Sacramento newspaper, the California Teachers Association (of which I am proudly no longer a member) has endorsed Bruce McPherson, the incumbent running for Secretary of State.

There are two key points to be made here.

1. Why is the CTA recommending anyone for the Secretary of State post? What possible tie does that job have to education? CTA spends money (including some of my agency fees) endorsing people for jobs that have little or nothing to do with education--like President, or state Insurance Commissioner--and it drives me nuts.

2. The following statement from CTA President "Boss" Kerr says it all:

CTA President Barbara Kerr said it was the first time she could recall CTA endorsing a Republican for statewide office...

"We looked at the November election, which was about education, and he ran that well," Kerr said. "He was the bipartisan (official) he was supposed to be."

If only CTA could be the bipartisan organization it claims to be. Call me intolerant, but I despise these people with every fiber of my being.


Robert said...

I was just reading an article by a local libertarian who ran for Indiana SecState so that he could raise awareness about voting reform (elections in Indiana are administered out of the SecState's office). You think it's possible that the CTA could care about electoral processes, hence the interest in the SecState position?

Darren said...

Yes, I know that CTA is concerned about the electoral process. That's why they opposed redistricting reform in the November election, a reform that was supported by every major newspaper in the state, left- and right-leaning.

Heck, even the national Republican Party opposed it because they thought it might give an edge to Democrats by removing our permanent minority-majority "safe Republican" seats.

CTA cares about the Secretary of State position because of "political" issues, not "education" issues. To them, Democrats are "friends of education".

Lillian said...

I suppose that after last years special election 'win', the CTA and Boss Kerr want us to think that they are friends with Republicans, especially those already holding office.
But...what do we know about Bruce McPherson, and why would he even want such an endorsement?