Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What Say You, Art Teachers?

I doubt I have any art teachers who read this blog. Every art teacher I've ever known is of the artiste variety, with all the political-leaning connotations that brings with it! And those leanings aren't the same as what I share on this blog.

So, imaginary art-teacher-readers, what do you think about this story?

BTW, since when can't Moslems draw any human? A week ago it was just Prophet Muhammed (sigh*) that couldn't be portrayed. This is what happens when you start caving in to these people. For those of you who don't know what dhimmi means, look it up. Imagine the self-censorship that comes with dhimmitude--and that's what we're seeing already.

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Sherwould said...

For a thorough and logical examination of this situation, check out:


The comments, particularly several in-depth postings by 'Archemedes' are also quite revealing.

Take care, Bob B

EllenK said...

Imagine me, a high school art teacher and AP Art History teacher responding. Here goes-I think that the curriculum taught was very imaginative in regards to a private school education. The basics of color, design and theories related to those subjects could be taught although very limited in the scope. I would imagine there would be similar limitations in teaching art in a conservative Christian school-Sistine Chapel aside, how really could the history of the Renaissance be taught avoiding the nude as a topic? On the other hand, if the parents who enroll their kids in these schools think that their children are receiving a full and complete art education, they are mistaken. In fact, if one of their children was to enter a college level Humanities or Art History class, I think they might suffer from major culture shock after being so insulated from the rest of the world's knowledge. I consider myself fairly conservative, but I also think that any culture that limits ideas, is a dying culture. And that goes for every fundamentalist religion across the board. I will admit that my first Figure Drawing class in college was somewhat of a shock, but the only way that people are going to appreciate any of the worlds history is to acknowledge it through learning. I consider it similarly stupid for books to be censored. I word part time in the school library and the requests to pull books-even award winning books-are at an all time high. I really believe that societies that burn books also burn people. And the limtis are not just imposed by the extremely conservative, but by the radically liberal as well. We must be open to ideas from all points of view. Otherwise, we may as well call it a day.