Saturday, February 11, 2006

Student Charged For Having "Look-Alike Drug"

I've heard of this concept before--have something that looks like drugs, and we treat it as if the kid actually has drugs. I't might be stupid to carrry around shredded parsley in a baggie in your pocket, but should it be illegal?

How about powdered sugar?

"Look-alike drugs and substances can cause that same level of danger because staff and students are not equipped to differentiate between the two."

So, because your school staff can't tell the difference between real and fake drugs, that's reason enough to give a child a felony conviction? And we school-people wonder why so many people homeschool or support vouchers.

Via Newsalert.

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Anonymous said...

Any zero tolerance policy is wrong. It assumes that administrators are unable touse their judgement. While I'm not sure that they wil always make the correct decision, I would prefer to give them options.