Saturday, February 04, 2006

Stanford University's Program for Gifted Students

Not all students are as fortunate as are the students at my school, where we have plenty of advanced courses. If you know students for whom the school isn't providing enough of an education, or if you attend my school and want to get even *further* ahead, then check out this online/distance-learning program from Stanford University.


Polski3 said...

Darren, Thanks for the link. This will be something to tell inquiring parents about when they want to know why my school Does Not/Cannot provide a higher lever of math course for their high achieving child.

Also, thanks for the link about the Ancient coins for educators. I looked at their website and will be looking into their program. It looks really cool!

Cameron said...

I've been in both regular and honors at Rio, and I can tell you this:

There is no difference, other than the differing amounts of homework. It is the same difficulty. In honors, however, they pile it on you until you can't breathe. It's all busy work, as well. The school assumes "If this kid is 'gifted', it basically means he wants to do more work."
What I would prefer, is if honors had the same workload (i.e. not very much, busywork really is unnecessary) but more difficult material.

Darren said...

Makes sense to me. Busywork sucks.

Anonymous said...

Busywork does suck. (insider joke: it's usually level one questions.)

Ask my AP Econ students how much homework they have . . . I'd wager it's less than a traditional econ class.