Monday, February 13, 2006

A New Job

Online poll here. Answer in the comments section.

Question: Should I apply for one of these jobs?


Bob Denham said...

I don't see any teaching positions in that list.

Is that on purpose?

Darren said...

Bob, should there be? CTA doesn't hire teachers--school districts do. CTA just extorts money from teachers.

And being such a fan of the CTA like I am, perhaps I should go work for them. One of their offices is within walking distance of my house.

Bob Denham said...

Oh ... I see. So the CTA is the teacher's union?

(I also noted some of the salaries seemed to be higher than teachers make in several years in Georgia ...)

Darren said...

Yep. California Teachers Association.

Some of them pay more than I make now. Hmmmm.

Doug said...

Well, Darren, it would sure be fun to see you in the CTA! :-) We need people like you in there.

Unfortunately, I think working there for more than a few minutes would send you (or me, or any sane person for that matter) straight into a jacket with no sleeves and a nice, quiet, padded room.