Saturday, February 04, 2006

Literacy--Math, and Otherwise

I have nothing to add to this post except for an "amen" at the end.


Old Math said...

Mathematics for the last 500 years has been, almost exclusively, a work of western Europe. This alone makes it anathema to cultural relativists.

Mathematics is precise, exact and free from jargon. Another strike against it in the educational community which seems to revel in imprecise, wordy and obfuscating language. Read the mission statement of a prestigious education school to see what I mean.

The problems in high school algebra start with parents who don't teach their children to count (let alone add) and continue in elementary schools where teachers select jobs specifically because they hate math.

Darren said...

You racist! You ethnocentrist! You elitist! You, you...oh what the heck, you're right =)