Thursday, January 27, 2005

I'm Not The Only One

Compare this letter, published in the Februrary 2005 NEA Today, with the one I sent (which became the 2nd posting on this blog):

NEA Republicans

As a veteran teacher and a Republican, I'm happy to finally be recognized within my own professional association for the very first time. ("What Now?" January). But to ask Republican NEA members to change our party from within is pompous, to say the least.

If we wanted to be Democrats, we could. We don't.

I suggest that in the future you respectfully consider that one-third of the educators in our nation are Republicans. Stop ignoring us.

I also suggest that you promote diversity within NEA by inviting Republicans into leadership positions. It's astonishing that tolerance for diversity is not practiced within NEA itself.
Lisa Disbrow of Richmond, California, I salute you! You said it better than I did.

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