Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Yes, The Pun Is Intentional

I am glad to see that two of the most prominent politicians on the left, Sanders and Warren, are on the “right” side of this debate--a debate that shouldn’t even exist:
This is less robust a defense of Coulter’s rights than Bernie Sanders gave the other day, with Warren declining to directly answer Tapper’s question about whether hate speech is protected by the First Amendment. Still, having the two most prominent leftists in Washington warning students to chill out the next time a thought-criminal comes to campus can only help soothe the savage “anti-fascist” beast. More like this, please.
The left will eventually realize, like the Japanese did in WWII, that you don't want to wake the sleeping giant:
But if you really want to make these a fashion accessory on the right, lefties, you’re going about it the right way. I don’t think that will turn out well, though. This country worked hard to build a culture of peaceful, respectful political disagreement, and you’re flushing it without thinking about the consequences, just because of feelz. And because people are being paid to organize it.
You're flushing it without thinking about the consequences.  Yeah.  That.

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