Saturday, April 29, 2017

It's For All The Marbles

This post is scheduled to appear at the time I'm scheduled to start my cumulative final exam for my master's program.  I still have 11 more days to finish the class I'm currently taking, but today's final exam will cover 6 of the 8 math classes I've taken over the past 5 years (the 2 education courses are also not included).

If I don't pass this test, I don't get the degree.  The pressure is on.  Talk about high stakes!

Update:  I hope they grade generously.

Update, 5/2/17:  They graded generously.  Now there's only one more test standing between me and my master's degree, and I take that test next Thursday.  Here's hoping!


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Auntie Ann said...

Hurray!!! All that work paid off! Yesterday, it was your turn to be proud of your son, today he gets to be proud his dad!

Darren said...

Thank you :)