Wednesday, April 12, 2017

If They Fear This, They're Too Skittish To Be Out In Public

Universities should make strong people.  After all, they're supposed to challenge you, sharpen your brain, expose you to new ideas and experiences.  All of these things should make you stronger.

Unless you're a snowflake, someone who needs "trigger warnings" and "safe spaces" and "bias incident teams" who hunt down people who use an undesired pronoun.  What about these gentle little petals?
Some students at Pittsburgh’s Duquesne University live in “fear” of the arrival of a Chick-fil-A fast-food restaurant to their college’s food fair, Campus Reform reports.

Now student senators at the university say they can’t abide a Chick-fil-A location at their school and are trying to cancel plans for the restaurant to open in the fall.
One wonders if such people will ever find gainful employment--or even be able merely to function in the real world.

On a related note:
VIOLENT MASS HOMOPHOBIA IS ALWAYS DESCENDING IN THE UNITED STATES, AND YET LANDS ONLY IN MUSLIM-DOMINATED REGIONS: More than 100 gay men reportedly sent to “prison camps” in Russia’s republic of Chechnya.
Communists, Nazis, and Fascists were all pretty anti-gay, too.



Pseudotsuga said...

Some wise-apple at that college needs to complain about cultural appropriation at those food fairs, and watch the fur fly....
All those tasty foods were stolen from other countries and their cultures!
All the booths will have to serve corn, beans, squash and turkey.

Anna A said...

Would bison jerky be acceptable? Or would that be appropriating Native American foods?

To me, that sounds good, but the meat might be too lean to make good jerky.