Thursday, April 13, 2017

How Much Rain Has California Had So Far This Season?

I post this with a few dark clouds still hanging in the sky:
We did it!

With one more soaking-wet storm front dumping its stuff special-delivery over Wednesday night, California woke up on Thursday to a new all-time record for rainfall, as measured in the all-important “Northern Sierra eight-station index,” a catchment area that pretty much defines the Golden State’s water-level health.

“We didn’t just beat the record,” said meteorologist Craig Shoemaker with the National Weather Service in Sacramento. “We shattered it"...

“And we’re expecting more rain in the coming days,” said Shoemaker, “with a storm on Easter Sunday and another one in the middle of next week.”
The American River near downtown was pretty full when I crossed it on Monday, even with Discovery Park's not being entirely inundated.

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