Sunday, April 23, 2017

Another Reason Not To Support "Free" College

Does anyone really trust our state universities enough to believe that we taxpayers should fund "free" college?
In other words, administrators have been hiring more administrators for make-work positions and giving each other raises without sufficient accountability in a self-perpetuating cycle of bureaucratic decay that is sadly endemic to academia at large.

These findings should give pause to those who think that larger and larger state subsidies are the answer to higher education’s woes. Much of the public money spent on “free college” schemes championed by left-wing populists would end up being pocketed by the ever-expanding bureaucratic class of student services directors, Title IX coordinators,and HR managers, raising costs while steadily diluting quality.

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Ellen K said...

One of the reasons even high scorers on AP exams are denied credit is the need to provide jobs for grad students.