Monday, April 24, 2017

A Data Point In The Argument For Limited Government

Because I understand human nature, and I understand that absolute power corrupts absolutely, I'm hesitant to give more power to government than is absolutely necessary.  I believe that government's power should be limited, and that government should do only certain enumerated things--it should do those things well, and it should not do anything outside of its specified tasks.

Government in the United States is way out of control.  In California specifically, it's even worse.  I'm waiting for some state official to contact Professor Seabright and ask him, Who is responsible to ensure San Francisco has bread?

I believe that freeway maintenance is certainly a responsibility of state government.  Think Sacramento can get even that right?
A multimillion-dollar resurfacing job on the Highway 50 bridge over the Sacramento River has failed – mysteriously, officials say – and will have to be scrapped and replaced this summer at three times the original cost.

The resurfacing, conducted in late 2014 on the Pioneer Memorial Bridge between West Sacramento and Sacramento, began failing immediately, state Department of Transportation records show. Cars and trucks shudder when they pass over ruts that are now more than 50 feet long and 7 feet wide at numerous spots on the bridge.

Caltrans officials say the repair could run $15 million to $18 million. The original resurfacing in 2014 cost $5 million.
Maybe it's a plot by Crazy Ole Uncle Jerry to provide justification to build his bullet train.

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