Sunday, January 08, 2017

There Aren't Enough Rich People To Pay For Your Utopia

Those taxes will hit the poor the hardest, as they always do.  But you tree-huggers can feel good about yourselves, so screw those poor and middle-class people:
The carbon tax will cost Alberta school boards an extra $8 million to $12 million this year, and as much as $18 million next year, according to a government briefing note obtained by the official Opposition.

“The numbers are just huge,” Wildrose education critic Leela Aher said Friday.

Ultimately, the higher cost of heating schools and transporting students will be borne by parents paying higher school fees, Aher said.

In rural school divisions, where children sometimes spend hours each day on school buses, the costs will be even more substantial, Aher said. The additional expenses may stop cash-strapped families from enrolling kids in school band, sports teams or other activities that require travel, she said.
And here's a comment from a typical liberal:
The tax, intended to encourage a reduction in fuel consumption, is an environmentally responsible step students expect from government, she said.

Here's what I don't understand. Later in the article we're told that schools will be "first in line" for the money from the new taxes.  So, how is the carbon tax helping the environment?  Sounds to me like money's just being redirected from the taxpayer to schools.  Oh, but there will be "a reduction in fuel consumption", you say, and that will help the environment!  But won't a reduction in fuel consumption mean that there will be a reduction in the revenue generated by this tax and sent to schools, and thus, the taxpayers will just be out that money and the schools will just be paying more for gas for schoolbuses?

Who wins here, except the people who like to force everyone to live in their Utopia?

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