Tuesday, December 13, 2016


An honest person will admit that if a school offered a course on resistance to Obama, it would have been considered racist:
This winter, students at Oregon State University will have the opportunity to take a new class that promises to teach them about how African Americans have historically resisted the “white supremacy."

The class, titled “African American Resistance in the Era of Donald Trump,” will be taught by Dr. Dwaine Plaza, a professor of sociology and current Chair of the Sociology Program in the School of Public Policy...

In a statement to Campus Reform, Plaza asserted that “the class emerged after the November 8 election,” because “In my opinion we are about to step back into the 1960s when whiteness was currency and people of color needed to be in the shadows struggling for whatever trickles down to us.”

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Anonymous said...

Reading the course description, it looks to be very liberal but could still have academic merit from a historical/sociology perspective, but they seemed to tack on that attack to "catch the eye" and essentially cause an echo chamber. Shame.