Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Press Is Complicit

The only way to ensure that Clinton wins--it's not like she has a record of success to run on--is to change the subject.  Talk about anything but what matters--and no, Donald Trump's asinine comments from a decade ago don't matter as much as what Clinton has been doingHere are some things we might be talking about if people were interested in what's best for the country rather than just ensuring we get our 2nd affirmative action president in a row:
We need to be talking about five wars, the national debt, rising health care costs and corruption.
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Ellen K said...

The press is obviously and deeply involved at campaign level decisions by the Clinton campaign faction. The shaping of stories, the imbalance on presentation of Hillary's troublesome history of ethic violations and quid pro quo grasping makes this an election that for good or ill was a product of their shaping. The almost mournful expression of MSNBC's Maddow demonstrates how deeply invested they are in Hillary winning at all costs.

This is beyond the lies about Benghazi.
This is about charging outrageous amounts for speeches which was laundered through the Clinton Foundation.
This is about raising money for Haiti after the earthquakes and then pocketing upwards of 90%.
This is about a crime family every bit as corrupt and manipulative as the Borgias.
This is about a billionaire who uses shell organizations to transform our freedoms into a business model that only enriches him and his friends.
As much as I despise what Trump has said,
What Hillary has done again and again is use power and influence to enrich herself at the expense of those she claims to serve.
Never Ever Hillary.