Sunday, October 09, 2016

My Life(time) In Numbers

Of course it all comes down to the metrics used to generate the graphs, but here's how the United States has done since the year I was born according to this web site:
Notice what's missing--a "freedom" index.  Yes, our 2nd Amendment protections are stronger today than when I was born, but when I was born, firearms weren't the bugaboo for some people that they are today.  In fact, a friend of mine (and long time reader of this blog) used to take his .22 rifle to high school for marksmanship instruction in PE.  Also, when I was born, we didn't live in as much of a surveillance state as we do today, and I have no doubt it will get worse before it gets better.

Here's how we've done compared to Britain:

Next, I thought I'd look at a couple of countries that weren't in such great shape when I was born but are considered in great shape today.  Germany was only 15 years out of its disastrous defeat in World War II back then, and while free and independent it was still swarming with American servicemen:
As the old advertisement would say, "You've come a long way, baby."

South Korea went from being a tightly controlled country to one with more freedom, and the results speak for themselves:

And then there are neighbors to the north and south.  Mexico has made some improvements, but certainly not much in the way of economic freedom:
Mexico has made a lot of improvement, mostly because it had so much more improvement to make.

And lastly, Canada:

Interesting snapshots, to be sure.

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