Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How To Win Friends And Influence People

Dr. King accomplished a lot more than these people ever will, and he did it without being a bully or an a-hole:
Left-wing students at the University of California, Berkeley are protesting again. This time, however, these students are calling for “safe spaces” for transgendered people, as well as “spaces of color” at the University (which they already have).

The protesters are also harassing white students trying to study, barring their path across a key bridge while allowing students of color safe passage.

The protest, which began last Friday, blocked Berkeley’s Sather Gate, disrupted studying students in the Student Union, and blocked traffic at the intersection of Telegraph and Bancroft in front of campus.

In video of the protest, the so-called anti-racism protesters were seen denying passage across the bridge to white students — shouting “go around” — while happily allowing students of color to pass through.


Anonymous said...

I mean, MLK did disrupt the public with marches and boycotts and civil disobedience that caused lots of anger. I think it comes down to fighting for a cause that is justifying the action.

Blocking traffic because people of color are getting lynched or discriminated against legally is justified. Blocking traffic because the "safe spaces" already provided aren't good enough is not justified/

Steve USMA '85 said...

MLK allowed whites to participate in their protests. Charlton Heston for example participated in the March to Selma. These students were actually discriminating against whites, something MLK never condoned.

Ellen K said...

If black students were prevented from accessing the library, there would be hell to pay, yet these geniuses and the college administrations who seem to prefer for white students to be bullied into subjection, does nothing.