Sunday, October 02, 2016


I've always been fascinated by futuristic, super-high-efficiency cars.  It has nothing to do with global warming, but rather with my own sense of conservationism (which is very different from environmentalism).  And let's be honest, the "cool" factor comes into play, too.

I loved the Aptera.  I'm glad I didn't plunk down $500 to reserve one before the company went belly-up, though.  There's a brief shot of an Aptera in the background in the 2009 Star Trek movie!  Here's video of a Popular Mechanics test drive of the car back in its heady days:

Now I'm liking Elio.  An engine with less than a liter displacement, only 55 hp, but can go over 100 mph (largely because of its small profile)?  What's not to like!  And the price is right, too, at $7300.  But the memory of Aptera looms large, and I don't want to plop down reservation money on this car until I can be sure that it's not Aptera v. 2.0.  Here are some Elio videos.

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