Sunday, September 18, 2016

Should You Have To Pay For Someone Else's Porn?

Nobody figured out beforehand that this would be an issue?  And then when they figured it out, they got bothered by this?  In liberal New York City?  I don't understand:
New York City thought it was stepping into the 21st century when it launched its public internet kiosks. They envisioned yet another "free" public service being used for good and noble purposes. After all, the internet makes so many amazing things possible, right?

Unfortunately, the folks of NYC forgot that the public -- who were taxed to pay for the "free" internet -- is made up of people. They used the internet for their own purposes, and those purposes weren't what the city envisioned:
Eight months after the appearance of the first LinkNYC hubs, which are -- or were -- internet kiosks meant to help bring the Big Apple into the 21st Century, the city has taken a step back.
Some of these kiosks were not used to “save data on their mobile plans, call relatives across the country, and get a much-needed quick charge” as they were originally intended. Instead, they were used to watch pornography.


Anonymous said...

While I would argue the amount of taxpayer money spent is so insignificant to focus on this issue, I also do think anything used as a public good, especially in a public setting, should have decency guidelines and libraries should make sure they prevent this kind of behavior from happening, especially around kids.

Ellen K said...

My observation is that when people don't pay for stuff, they take it for granted and abuse it. Whether it is school supplies or free wifi, that applies.