Monday, August 08, 2016

School Discipline

Having a racialized Dept of Justice hasn't helped:
The case against suspensions is unproven, argues Max Eden, a senior fellow of education policy at the Manhattan Institute, who’s guest-blogging for Rick Hess.

The attack on suspensions, writes Eden, rests on three assertions: “Disparate impact of school suspensions is evidence that they are racially motivated; (2) Suspensions do significant harm to students; (3) “Restorative justice” is a viable and more humane alternative, so we can reduce suspensions safely...

But policy changes that assume “racial bias is solely responsible for the disparity” may go too far, breeding “rampant disorder,” writes Eden.
It's been a rough several years in public education, and there's no sign on the horizon that it'll get better any time soon.

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Pseudotsuga said...

Let's count the badthink we have to keep track of now:
*Suspensions are racist.
*The alphabet supports patriarchy and harms women.
*Single gender bathrooms harm a small victim group.
*Boys must be denied LEGO blocks so that girls can benefit from them.
*Doing ones' work and showing up on time are racist constructs.
*Asking students to write using correct grammar is racist.
Surely there are more things to keep in mind when writing lesson plans for the modern schools...