Saturday, August 20, 2016

California Is Not A Free State

This article referencing the Cato Institute's 2016 study on freedom in the states does not look good for Californians.  In fact, we should be completely ashamed of our government:
The top five states are as follows (the number indicates a place change since the last study:
1. New Hampshire +1
2. Alaska +7
3. Oklahoma +2
4. Indiana =
5. South Dakota -4
The bottom five are as follows:
45. Connecticut -1
46. Maryland =
47. New Jersey =
48. Hawaii =
49. California =
50. New York =
We are not in good company.

Among others, California is in the bottom 5 for regulatory policy and gun rights.  Given the bad shape we're in, perhaps it isn't surprising that we're in the top 5 for alcohol policy--if we stay drunk, maybe we won't notice our rights being stripped from us.

Democrats have run our legislature pretty much my entire life.


Left Coast Conservative said...

Why not do as others have done and leave?

BB-Idaho said...

Wisconsin, the state I'm originally from, is #1 in alcohol consumption, despite a GOP guv and legislature. Given Cato did the
study, I'm not surprised they ignored geographical culture and focused on "what's good for big business is good for the country".
Wisconsin (the dairy state) trails California in milk production, although I suspect that in all milk producing states the old family
farm has been replaced by so-called milk factories. Given California traffic and a probable relation between that density and road rage, I'm not surprised they 'fail' at gun rights. I suspect
that Cato would be in favor of Darwinian selection ?

Darren said...

Leaving doesn't solve a problem.

There isn't blood running in the streets here due to road rage, so that's a red herring--unless it's much more crowded in Chicago, with a gun death total just this year that's too high to fathom.

T-Bone said...

It's not as bad in PA, at least our 2A rights are not completely gone. But the states surrounding us are among the worst. When I visit my mom or brothers, I have to go to / pass through MD, and it's like "check your rights at the Mason-Dixon line."