Monday, July 25, 2016

Wonder Woman

My knowledge of Wonder Woman is limited to the 70s TV series starring Lynda Carter; I never read the comic books, so I have to ask this:  in the comic books, was Wonder Woman a violent butt-kicker?  Carter's Wonder Woman used the minimum force necessary to subdue her opponents, and I don't recall that she ever killed anyone.  Was that how Wonder Woman was supposed to be, or was that just 70s TV?  I ask because I'm trying to determine if the new Wonder Woman movie is doing a disservice to the ideals of Wonder Woman:

Also, this movie appears to take place during World War I; Wonder Woman's character wasn't created until 1941 and I thought she fought the Nazis....


Mrs. Widget said...

The Amazons were warriors. In the DC world they were charged with keeping a "hellhole" sealed. They did fight and there were casualties.

Wonder Woman's problem after the creator died and she was melded into the DC world, is they did not know quit what to do with her. How strong is she? (and why oh why did they make her fly) There was even the time when she lost her strength.

Wonder Woman was created in response to women going into the workplace in WWII. The movie happenning in WWI I am curious to see. One comment about the movie is Diana asked "why aren't we helping men?" They are not worth it. WWI, really what was everybody fighting for?

Mr. W said...

Yeah this is more in line with comics in terms of action and violence. Look at this pic, just snaps the neck of Maxwell Lord who killed Blue Beetle.

As far as shifting to WWI, I m assuming it is to avoid the Captain America comparisons.

Mark Viola said...

I have not read many Wonder Woman comics, but she was raised as an Amazon warrior and sent out into the world to be an ambassador, so she is essentially a warrior who has a peace first-approach. In the trailer, it looks like it's set during WWI, so her battling and possibly killing people, I would put on the same level as Captain America in his first film.

As for killing, as a superhero, she had a no-kill policy like Batman and Superman, a policy she very famously broke in a massive DC comic event about a decade or so ago when the JLA was facing off against an enemy who could control people's minds. He had control over Superman and was forcing him to battle the rest of the JLA. Knowing that there would be casualties and the potential for a lot of collateral damage, she did was Superman did at the end of Man of Steel (the movie basically ripped off this moment from the comics in that scene).