Wednesday, July 27, 2016

This Makes Me Suspicious

This "infomercial" is about lenses you can snap onto your smartphone camera and have awesome pictures:
Images produced by our lenses have been tested and found to equal or exceed the photos produced by such top makers as Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, Canon and Sony. We're extremely proud to have manufactured such a high quality product at such a modest price point, thanks to computer design and advanced CCD fabrication.
This isn't rocket science and there's no reason these lenses shouldn't work, and work well.  However, my shields go up and the "red alert" klaxon blares when my BS Detector is triggered, as it is here:
These Ultra High Quality lenses are being released in limited quantities. I’d advise you to grab your set before the super low introductory price is raised.
Outside of an artist, why would anyone limit the number of items they're selling?  Why release limited quantities of these lenses?  That doesn't make sense to me.  That's not how you make money.

It's entirely possible that the meaning was that there are limited quantities available at the introductory price--but that isn't what was said.  It's also possible that the sentences quoted above were meant to motivate someone to purchase the lenses right away! but if so, they were just poorly worded.

As written, the sentences don't make sense.  It looks like a lot of work went into creating that ad, how could something so obviously suspicious slip through?

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Steve USMA '85 said...

Of course they are being released in limited quantities. They are not capable of making an infinite number. Their 'limited quantity' could be any number between 1 and couple of hundred million. They are limited to capacity of their manufacturing process. A process that I am sure can fulfill every order in their potential marketplace.

The amazing thing about these type of infomercial ads is that they all do it which tells me that the pitch works. People must fall for this type of advertising or else the shills would find another pitch to promote sales.