Sunday, July 10, 2016

Second Base Hit

The Calgary Stampede is going on right now, which means any place of lodging, including campgrounds, is full.  Why Vul-con was scheduled at the same time as Stampede, I can't say, but it was, and I've spent a bit of time this morning calling around to different RV parks looking for a place to stay tonight.  The convention ends at 5pm and I'll need to get under way.

I finally found a campground--with water and power hookups!--not far from Calgary itself.  You'd think that's a home run, but then I add that they don't have wi-fi there, hence the title of this post :-)

My plan is to spend the entire day in Calgary tomorrow, and to head to Banff on Tuesday.

1 comment:

BB-Idaho said...

The last time I was in Calgary, Wi-Fi hadn't been invented yet.
Come to think of it, neither had Star Trek! Hint-we were driving
a 66 Olds Toronado.