Thursday, July 07, 2016

Prelude to Axanar

Assuming you already watched Whom Gods Destroy (discussed here), you know what happens to Captain Garth of Izar.  What were his exploits, what was so important that Captain Kirk studied him at the Academy?  Find out in Prelude to Axanar, a "documentary".

CBS and Paramount are working to ensure the feature length film Axanar never gets made.  Their newly-released fan film guidelines were created specifically to stifle Axanar, and the lawsuits are still in effect.

The only hashtag I've ever used:  #IStandWithAxanar


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Axanar is hurting Star Trek Continues.

Standing with Axanar has the effect of standing against STC.

Darren said...

The problem is CBS/Paramount, not Axanar.